Why Choose Camps on Campus?

With so many summer camp choices in the Charlotte area, it is important to consider what each program has to offer. Camps on Campus at UNC Charlotte have been an important part of summer outreach programming for over 20 years. Camps on Campus strives to offer a safe, fun, hands-on, and educational summer enrichment experience for campers in rising grades 1-12. Our campers and their parents can expect the following from our camps and camp staff.


  • Strict adherence to all campus policies concerning the safety and supervision of minors on campus
  • Database of emergency medical and emergency contact; parent text-sign-up for campus alerts; enhanced drop-off/pick-up validation
  • Continual update of camper policies related to food allergies and expectations of good citizenship/character of campers
  • Required criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers
  • CPR Training provided to all camp counselors
  • Required van certification for all van drivers “Dashboard Passes” for easy pick-up and drop-off as well as enhanced security

Read more about our enhanced safety precautions for Summer 2022.


UNC Charlotte College Connection

  • All camp counselors are college students who are leaders on campus, providing campers with role models and mentors
  • Experience the facilities and amenities of a college campus and introductions to some of our academic disciplines such as robotics, computer science, theatre, and more!
  • Our “Niner Academy” camps for rising grades 9-12 are focused on leadership development and preparation for college and career through hands-on experience and exposure to multiple academic disciplines and skills.


Edutainment: Learning That is Fun!

  • Most instructors are K-12 licensed teachers and administrators, including many Teacher of the Year finalists, who are experts at designing age-appropriate, creative, engaging learning activities for campers. Other instructors are graduate and doctoral students and professors teaching our Niner Academy and 49er Minor camps.
  • Cool School (Grades 1-4) and 49er Minors (Grades 5-8) are focused on interdisciplinary learning fun! Art, science, math, social studies, and language arts activities will all be fused together into our themed camps.
  • Experiential learning through guest speakers, field trip/site visits, and hands-on activities are utilized by instructors.


Fostering Friendships & Inclusion

  • In addition to a focus on character development for our campers, our camp counselors and instructors will be charged with continually incorporating methods to fostering friendships and inclusion among the campers and modeling appropriate behavior
  • Large group activities within each camp as well as age-appropriate break-out activities will be facilitated by instructors and counselors.


Timely Communication

  • Easily accessible online documents and schedules for enrolled campers and parents on our website, information will also be sent via email in advance for each camp
  • Information introducing each camp’s instructor and camp counselors will be sent in advance to parents
  • Timely reminders on upcoming payment deadlines to ensure secured enrollment
  • Parents are invited to sign up for emergency campus alerts via text message and all emergency contact information will be stored electronically for easy access from multiple points on campus


Parent/Family Comments

  • “My daughter loved the camp. Wish I would have enrolled her in more.”
  • “My children attended several weeks this year and it is a well-run camp. As a parent, I really enjoyed when my children were in the Carolina Nature camp. [The instructor] did a FABULOUS job keeping us informed. She sent a daily email and pictures throughout the week!
  • “You offer the most well-run, robust, and fun summer camp experience in Charlotte!”
  • “Very organized—my daughter loved the counselors!”
  • “The staff made my daughter feel very safe, welcomed, and part of the group. She was very happy.”
  • “Topic was perfect for my son and he greatly enjoyed the experience.”
  • “The Director was very helpful and the counselors were very nice. The topics are interesting and educational.”
  • “The program offered enough challenge and projects to keep campers engaged and wanting to come back each day.”
  • "My son was happy with it—9th grade, went to Venture’s Leadership Institute. He liked hearing the counselors talk about his strengths on the last day.”
  • “The Mock Trial Camp was great. My camper did not want to go, but attended because I made him. By the third day, he was willing, and by the fourth day he thanked me for sending him to the camp. The counselors did a great job too. The visit to the prison was a great experience. The mock trial was fun to watch.”
  • “The musical theater week- Coolest Animals go to School was wonderful. The instructor was knowledgeable and excited and the counselors did a great job with the kids. They were the best part of camp this summer.”
  • “I liked the times and place of pick up and drop off. Your staff were great.”
  • “Pick-ups and drop-offs were very easy and very convenient for someone with a full time job.”
  •  “I really appreciated the organization from drop off to pick up. I know the boys appreciated the experience because it was new learning and a new setting and they had some independence while still feeling safe.”
  • “My son was very excited and talkative about camps. That is exciting as a parent as well.”
  • “Very organized. Per my son, "informative yet fun" Hope to participate in 2015.”
  • “My son loved the themes each week. The lessons and field trips were lots of fun but filled with learning. I also liked that there were always multiple people with my son at any one time.”
  • “My son enjoyed being busy throughout the day. He normally attends camps at the Y and there is a lot of "down time" and breaks. And while that may be necessary for an outdoor/active camp, he liked that the robotics camp kept him busy all day. He also loved visiting the vending machines and student center for lunch.”
  • “Really well-organized. I often meet my kids for lunch and we got a clear schedule all the times. In the past it tended to vary a lot. I was also glad the Friday performance no longer happens.”
  • “Well organized and planned. My sons were completely engaged and loved going each day”
  • “The drop off/pick up process was well thought out well in advance. The number of staff on hand for monitoring children was well thought through.”
  • “My son really enjoyed Lego camp, he said his teacher was nice and learned a lot. He's already looking forward to next year”