Enhanced Safety Precautions

For more information on UNC Charlotte's response to COVID-19, please visit ninernationcares.charlotte.edu.

COVID-19 Information per UNC Charlotte Emergency Management Website: Face masks are optional on UNC Charlotte’s campus. This includes classrooms and other academic spaces. If you are unvaccinated or at high risk for complications, you are still strongly encouraged to wear a mask. Even with this guidance, you are encouraged to wear a mask to further reduce the risk of infection to yourself and others, especially when you are in close proximity to others in confined spaces. For example, this may include in hallways, in elevators, when waiting in line in buildings or in residential community spaces.

There will also be an increase in sanitation and cleaning schedules for our classrooms, shared supplies, and frequently touched surfaces.

One of our top priorities at Camps on Campus is safety and that includes preventing communicable illnesses between campers. If your camper has a communicable illness, please keep them home. If a camper is dropped off at camp and a communicable illness is suspected (symptoms may include a fever, pink eye, vomiting, diarrhea, head lice, etc.), you will be notified to pick up your camper immediately. Camps on Campus adheres to North Carolina state recommendations for childcare facilities that guardians (or other authorized adults) must pick up their sick camper within 30 minutes of notification. Campers may return to camp with a note from a physician approving the return. No full or partial refunds are available for incidences of illness including a positive COVID test the week of camp.

Please see the Niner Nation Cares website at ninernationcares.charlotte.edu as it serves as an information resource for students, faculty, staff and visitors to understand ways to stay safe on and off campus, along with health protocols in place on campus. This website is continually updated, and should be checked regularly.