Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information

Drop-off Hours: (7:30am-8:40am) *Campers depart for classrooms promptly at 8:45AM by foot*
Pick-up Hours: (4:15pm-5:30pm) *Starting at 5:35pm, there will be an additional supervision charge of $2.50/minute*

Cool School, 49er Minor, & Coding Camps

Science Building
Lot 16 Address (use this for carpool time): 9305 POPLAR TERRACE DR, Charlotte NC 28223

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AM Carpool Procedures

  • Upon Arrival, there will be camp staff greeting campers.
  • Staff will check-in camper and provide a name-tag with their camp name.
  • Campers will be outdoors with counselors until 8:40 am with recreational equipment of their choice. We will be located indoors for inclement weather.
  • At 8:40 am—counselors will circle up with their campers for introductions and camp expectations.
  • At 8:45 am—counselors depart on foot to their classrooms (vans will drive campers if raining).

PM Carpool Procedures

  • All vehicles must display a Camps on Campus dash placard (Available in your Online Materials). Print should be large and bold enough to be easily read by our staff. Staff will call your campers name over the radio.
  • If you do not have your Camps on Campus dash placard you will be asked to show your ID before being allowed to pick up your child. This process allows us to ensure that every child is going home with the right person.
  • Please view our carpool drive along video located in your online materials to review our carpool procedures prior to your first day of camp.

Walk-up Check Out Procedures

  • Please bring your Camps on Campus dash placard with you.
  • There will be a member of staff dedicated to assisting those that choose to walk up and check out their campers. Staff will be located on the sidewalk near the Science Building.

Dash placard

Camps on Campus utilizes a dash placard which you will print and write your camper’s name on to expedite the pick-up process in the afternoons AND to as a security means to ensure that only authorized individuals who are in possession of the dash placard are picking up the camper.

You will access your dash placard through the Online Resources through your login portal and may forward it electronically to any authorized adults who will be picking up your camper.

Carpool Reminders

  • Please refrain from cell phone use (including hands-free). For the safety of the students and staff members moving between and around cars, we need 100% of your attention at all times.
  • Please pay attention to the carpool workers and follow their instructions. They are working to keep the carpool line moving in a safe and efficient manner. They require your participation and cooperation.
  • We will not begin pick up until 4:15pm; please DO NOT arrive before that time as it will cause a traffic back-up. We recommend arriving at 4:30pm or later for little to no wait time.
  • When you arrive, please enter Lot 16 and form a single line behind the stop sign as pictured below.

Late Drop-Off & Early Pick-Up

If Arriving Late (after 8:45am)

  • Continue to visitor parking deck nearest your classroom building (Union Deck for most camps; CRI Deck for Robotics).
  • Parking fee of $1 begins after 15 minutes but classrooms are typically close enough to avoid charges.

Our rule of three requires guardians (or other authorized adults) to park and walk their camper to the classroom. Minors are not allowed to be unaccompanied on UNC Charlotte’s campus. Staff are not permitted to be one-on-one with campers at any time. Our staff will be en route or at the classroom location after 8:45 am. Mondays may be an exception as we try to give a 5-10 minute grace period for first time arrivals. You can find your camper’s classroom location on the camp agenda shared in the online materials.

If Picking Up Early (before 4:00pm)

  • Planned Early Pickups prior to 4:00pm must be at least one day in advance. Please complete the Google Form for our staff to receive communication.
  • For Same Day or Emergency early pickups, please notify us at youthprograms@charlotte.edu and call 704-687-8900 prior to 4:00pm.
  • Camp instructional time is from 9:00am-4:00pm. Between 4:00pm-4:15pm campers will be en route to the pickup location.
  • If picking up from the classroom, please be sure to check out no later than 3:30pm for early pick-up. Classroom and parking locations will be provided to guardians with their camper’s online resources in advance.
  • Bring your dash placard as the quickest form of secure check-out. You will be asked for identification if you forget your dash placard.

Niner Academy Camps

McEniry Building
Lot 16A Address: 9020 CRAVER RD, Charlotte NC, 28223

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Please note: For more information regarding Niner Academy Drop-Off and Pick-Up, please visit www.youth.charlotte.edu/nineracademy/faq